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Why do I Love Nigerian weddings?

A beautifully adorned wedding guest
A beautifully adorned wedding guest

I love weddings. Nigerian weddings especially as it is an all-out affair, the colourful uniformity in the Aso-Ebi, the glamour, affluence and many more that speaks at the weddings.

I love weddings, the engagement shows how rich our culture is; Idana in Yoruba and the Igbo tradition of the bride with a cup of palm wine looking for her groom in the crowd. As well as the Benin men identifying their bride in a parade of veiled women.

A Nigerian Bride
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I love weddings, I love the Alagas in the Yoruba traditional marriage. How they say the oriki as if they were there during their naming. The bride’s gele is a signifier of her Nigerian Heritage, slyly folded around her head and heaps of beaded jewellery encircles her neck with her draped fabrics. I love the reading of the letters. The prayers of the parents. Most importantly, I love when the men in their Agbada with their matching caps prostrate in front of the parent. It’s exciting and fun.

the groom and his friends prostrating
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I love weddings, from the bride’s dress to her makeup, to her wonderful smile like someone that just hit a jackpot. Then her knight in shining armour, looking and amazed how lucky and blessed he is to have a damsel like her go on the journey with him.

I love weddings, I love how the bride walks down the aisle with the father or mother. The handing over is so surreal.

A bride with her father
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I love weddings, with the highlight of one’s makeup, adorned with her well-accentuated dress bringing out the curves and beauty. The single men are able to spot one. It’s more like a refined single submit more like a match-making ground.

A wedding guest ❤️❤️
A wedding guest😍😍😍

In a society where the bigger the better, I love to see the competition of the most glamorous wedding, from the dress, cake, reception hall, shoes, jewellery and what have you.


I love weddings, for the older singles, it’s a time to face the aunties that wouldn’t mind their business and think marriage is the only achievement that can make one happy. The beef is actually always exciting to watch. 

I love weddings, especially the one where you get to pick different sort of food. Then you eat like three round till your girdle tries to warn you, as you need to stay snatched. The party jollof rice slaps differently here and it’s heavenly.

I love weddings, I love to see how many party crashers grace the occasion and pack food that would sustain them for a week and more.

party crashers.
A scene from Wedding Party.

I love weddings, the after-party is bliss. It’s a saving grace for you to let loose after the adults have been dispersed. It’s a time to be happy and merry and party hard like there is no tomorrow. 

I love weddings, especially the ones with the combo of live band and DJs. I love the switch. What a time to dance and be merry. 

I love weddings. It is not just the joining together of two individuals, it is the joining together of the families and coming together of well-wishers and amebos.

I love how grand, huge and loud a wedding ceremony is.

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  1. Yesssss! Kai, this got me reminiscing about both my sisters’ weddings!

    Beautifully worded my girl♥️✨✨

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