I am Lashey, an emerging millennial and a staunch promoter of the advancement of my generation to which you belong. For years now we have been tagged the Future Leaders but it is with a heavy heart that i tell you that that future that was talked about years ago is NOW but the question remains – Are we ready to lead? Now, I’m not talking about the Political sphere but in all spheres of life ranging from entrepreneurship to media.
Lashey’s Corner embodies a fresh brand of pseudo-journalism that is primarily concerned with the exploration of various experiences, ideas, opinions, and in fact characteristics that prove phenomenal in this digital age. They seek to tell exciting stories of the world through unrened media that isn’t afraid to explore the often controversial and diversified world. Lashey’s Corner seeks to be a safe haven, a corner if you must, of stories that inspire and give millennials one more reason and avenue to connect with the ever-transforming global digital age.


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