Episode 10000 of Covid19

I hope you all are staying safe, washing your hands, and practicing physical distancing.

Who could have thought that this pandemic would be around for these long? Our leaders are somewhat clueless as us, in that we do not know where we are heading from here.

Many have been home for close to two months now and it’s affecting them mentally.

A couple of my friends called me to lament about how bored they are and they are clueless as to how to keep sane and be more productive.

Some resources that could pass time and ease your mind:

  1. Meditation: This is a mental exercise I find very therapeutic. It helps you to know how your mind works. It’s a time where you get off your phone. Shut yourself out from the world. Free yourself from all your thoughts and worries. Let your mind rest from being too active. You can use the Elevate app for this exercise.
  2. Play dress up: Declutter your wardrobe and while at it explore your wardrobe. Combine outfits. Understand your style sense and what fits your body. Know your sizes from bra to skirt to gown and all. Learn how to walk on heels during this break.😂😂😂funny but I did it for a while just to practice my balance on heels. Blogs that you can help you on this; For the men thank me later
  3. Explore your kitchen: I’m not really a fan of that arm of the house. But I know people that the only place that excites them. Prepare meals that even your stomach and spirit would be happy with you. Learn the intercontinental dishes. To learn more about what you can do in your kitchen visit this blog.
  4. Exercise and skincare: While the vanity in life cannot be disputed, it is highly recommended that one makes the best out of the brevity of life. Nurture your skin into what you want for yourself. There are a lot of home remedies that can help you. Pay particular attention to your dark armpits, knuckles, fingernails, and the toenails. Then you can have a bubble bath not the five-minutes to fulfill all righteousness bath. Put on some good music, soak yourself in the bathtub, and feel good, forgetting all your worries.  Exercise, get that flat tummy, well-accentuated waistline, hips, and well-round ass. For the guys, build your biceps and abs.
  5. Read books: get aware of the area that interests you or that you want to develop yourself on. Read fictional books. Have a good laugh. I’d recommend Soyinka’s plays for a good laugh with a bit of learning too. Read blogs too and medium posts.
  6. Learn a new language: It doesn’t have to be something over and above. Knowledge gain is never a waste. It could help you boost your profile too. Make use of the app duolingo. This is what I use and I feel like I am already a pro in Spanish and French.
  7. Go through old photo albums: The richness of like is in the memories we keep and remember. Have a good laugh with old pictures reminiscing about old habits and acts.
  8. Start a new challenge: You can participate in the many challenges ongoing on the internet or even create your own challenge.

    I did the book as an outfit challenge
  9. Journaling: I find this very therapeutic. Begin with writing things that you are really grateful for, then move on to where you are right now down to your goals, aspirations, and spirituality.  
  10. Learn how to do your own makeup: try different colors on your face, experiment, and know what fits your face properly. Also, accentuate your beauty and learn how to pose for pictures in such a way that will bring out all your beauty. For this one I like this woman; blushwithme-parmita, she is a good image coach.

With the materials I have supplied you with you sure have a lot on your hand to do. Also, my blog is here to entertain you all the time, read an article every day.


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