To all the ones I ever stalked.


“To all the ones that keep winning regardless of what happens in the background. Y’all are the real motivation.”

Dear Stars, life model,

I watch a lot of you on youtube, listen to your interview, read your biographies, stalk your growth on every social media network and go through your resume.

All I see is a life full of loads of accomplishments, more like a visual growth process. Sometimes this exercise comes with envy, jealousy but then again it comes with a puzzled mind filled with so much curiosity, unanswered questions like;

How did you make it through?

How did you know this was the path for you?

What was your thought during the process?

What would have happened if you went through this process only to see that you are still stagnant? 

How did you have to deal with failure?

Did you ever stop believing in yourself?


You all make success in different forms and shapes so beautiful and admirable. The poise, courage, laughter after narrating your low moments, disappointments, doubts, disbelief and fear. Maybe all these are still there but sometimes I doubt I can be your person even in the face of challenges. 

I am really proud of all of you who have been on the journey of self-discovery for a long time. I am glad that you have made meaning of all the processes, challenges, life lessons, that made you into a person everybody admires. 

Every time I watch you I see courage and strength to push through hoping that it all made sense for me just at it did for you in the long run. 

To all those winning and still winning, y’all are the real MVP and I would keep rooting for you any day anytime. I can’t make a list if not I’d omit a lot of people but to every story, I have had a lesson to pick up from. Thank you for not losing faith in yourself. I hope to have more to learn from you.

However, the anthem is never to lose sight of where I am headed and one day I am sure it will all make sense. 

Your Beloved Fan,


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