Things You Need To Know About Branding.

What is branding?

Branding is a way of identifying your business or brand. It is a way of making it distinct from other kind of business in the same category as yours. For example there is different between  nomal chin-chin that is sold for 10 naira and the mini-mie chin-chin is what is called branding…  another very good example is between ordinary popcorn and the caramel popcorn.

Branding is about perception, i.e how something or someone is viewed by the public. The questions that should come to your mind with regards perception are:

How you want your client to see you?

How you want to be described.

For every business, it is necessary you brand your products or services as it is your identity.  It is the way and manner that customers perceive your  product or service better than others. It is more than just a logo.

In branding, you have to carve a niche for yourself that will distinguish you from other brands offering them same service as yours. For instance: the different between niarabet and baba ijebu is the method of branding. They offer the same service but in different ways which makes more preferable than the other.


For those who do not have business, you can always brand yourself and make yourself indepensable. Learn things that will distinguish you from others in your department . There are tons of people that have studied the course you studied. Be you a lawyer, doctor, educationist, economist whatever field you find yourself carve a niche for yourself. Do things that are extraordinary from the normal. Learn extra skills such as microsoft office, project management, volunteeering, sporting activities and so on. Also you can take free courses on cousera and others for free just to get information.

The goal is attach value to everything you possess. Recognize your potential both in your brand or on yourself.

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