If there is one thing I learnt from the book ‘Atomic Habit’ by James clear, it would the one of simply setting a system that would help you in achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. 

Also if there is one thing I do that I dislike, when it comes to achieving a set goal, it would be the amount of time I spend in preparation versus the time I spend in the act in itself.

From watching how to stay awake to how to be productive to how to pass law exams to preparing me mentally then paying attention to a few of my distractions. After all these, I realize the time I spend on the act of actualizing my goals is really low.  The ratio is like 80:20.

what keeps me going

I know what I want to achieve and honestly being lazy will get me nowhere near my goals. Beyond reading to pass very well in my exams, writing in this blog and making it into what I have in mind will require putting in a lot of effort. So I am not even going to babysit myself into being so lazy. The kind of life I want for myself wouldn’t allow that. 

There are little cheat days like today where I just want to do nothing, it’s allowed. But for a while. 

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A friend’s motivation wall.

There are days, like today, I set a subtask I want to achieve but my mental space is fighting my concentration. Determined as I am I fight back but sometimes there is no need seating there when you are not being productive. Then the thought of goals you have set for yourself and even with the hard work and prayer you didn’t achieve, comes up. Then you feel like giving up, like what is the actual point of all these disciplines and all. Frustration sets in as well as uncertainty and low self-esteem.

Then there is this other time where you even go beyond your set goals for the day. Like finishing a topic and posting something on my blog. Or reading a medium post and finishing a podcast. These days, I praise myself for being able to pull through it. 

I get overwhelmed sometimes and think my goals are too high. Then I want to settle for less and this slang ‘I cannot come and go and kill my self’ or ‘grades don’t really matter’ or stuff like that, that enhances one’s mediocrity.

Thank God for quotes, Holy Spirit, reality itself that slaps one back to the reality that your hard work and smart work is very much needed in actualizing your goal. So you don’t end up living in fantasy all your life like this ride is smooth. It’s just one heck of a roller coaster. 

Honestly, there are just predictions of what would happen post-COVID, everyone is clueless. But then again one thing is for sure life is going to go on, I am still going to get called. However, when we get to that juncture, would you have merely survived or have made value out of yourself and make memories. 

The most written essay topic in our primary school ‘had I know’ 

Truth is things would not remain the same and you just have to do what you have to do, to not only survive but to live through your visions and the goals you’ve written out for yourself. 

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  1. Would you have merely survived? I love this. I wrote on something similar, and seeing this just drives it all it. We can THRIVE, rather than MERELY SURVIVE.
    𝓚𝓮𝓮𝓹 𝓪𝓽 𝓲𝓽 𝓼𝓲𝓼✨✨

  2. Seun Akinade, Ayomide

    I really took my time reading this at 1:42am. It was worth my time and it indeed, gave me a boost of motivation to move forward. Whatever happened post Covid 19— the way forward is simply forward. We don’t go back, we don’t stand still. We just keep moving forward, harder and it definitely gets better at the end by God’s grace.

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