Speaking Without Saliva Finding Its Way Out.



Saliva coming out of one’s mouth while talking is caused by having excess fluid. Hence, it’s not something that one should be comfortable with. It is not only embarassing to the speaker but the audience getting wet my the speaker’s fluid. Avoiding this problem would be achieved by a lot of self-control. 

Below are ways that I have researched and tried that would enable you to stop and control spitting while talking:

  1.  You want to take a break at intervals in your speech making, as taking for a long time your saliva gathers in your mouth thereby enhancing the probability of you bringing some out while talking. Hence, take a break, don’t rush your speech.
  2. Swallow before you speak. When preparing for a speech, swallow whatever residual you have in your mouth before you speak. This is the most effective way of avoiding the problem.
  3.   Before preparing for a speech practice as often as you can in front of the mirror so as to get balanced and not overwhelmed.
  4.  Research has shown that sugar could be effect of salivia coming out of one’s mouth when you talk. Hence you want to engage in less of sugarythings.
  5.  Where this persist for a longer period of time than it should i would implore that you visit the doctor.
  6. Be motivated that the problem will be solved sooner or later. Don’t get comfortable with this habit, try to motivate yourself and don’t because of this start withdrawing yourself from talking all the time with fear of engaging in such bad habit.

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