God Is Not Mad At You!!!

In the book “God is not mad at me”by Joyce Meyer, here is what I learnt.

There is nothing we can ever do to make God love us any more or less because his love is not based on any condition. The bible records that while we were yet in sin (Romans5;8) he died for us not that we were righteous or even remorseful. We can’t say this is a licence for us to continue sinning. At least, Jesus still loves me regardless.

I mean how would you feel if the one you love does not reciprocate this love we have for them. This is exactly what we do to Jesus every time we choose our desires over pleasing Him.
Hence,I no longer commit sin due to fear of His wrath but I don’t do them because the love of God constrains me. And this love is what keeps my sanity. I want to show him that I love him too, it may not be up to how he does to me but let me show a bit of my love to him.
Having established that, when find ourselves doing the very thing Jesus hates, instead of being mad at ourselves andd jumping into conclusion that God is mad at me, let us retrace our steps to the one who is ever ready to accept us (prodigal son).
God doesn’t look at my sin anymore but looks at Christ who bore all my sin.(2Corinthians5:21) He that knew no sin was made sin so that we all will be the righteousness of God in Christ jesus.

Having understood all that Jesus had to do for us, we now obey out of love and not out of fear for his wrath.
The biggest mistake you can make is to wallow in your sin, Jesus is beckoning on you today to come as you are though your sins may be red like crimson I would make it white as snow. He loves you just as you are and contrary to what you believe he is not mad at you. He doesn’t want the death of a sinner but that he repents from his ways. (2peter3:9)


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