Poverty would make you a monster for money.

Hello, how are you all doing? Sorry, I have been away for a very long time, i kept giving myself the excuse of the fact that I don’t have time because I was always working.

Meanwhile, you create time for what you love, there is always enough time and truthfully i was in that moment where like I told my friend; I was just hanging in the air, there was no direct or definite path I was following. After graduation, most of the conversations I have had has been what do i want to do with my future and the fact that I do not have a definite answer made me so sad.

I also belittled my effort on this blog, I felt what I was doing wasn’t going anywhere. I felt I was nowhere close to a perfect writer. Coupled with the fact that my blog is in a mess right now and i am hoping to fix it soon.

Another thing that has been going on is that where I am right now the time is Money literally so you need more hours to make more money. Honestly, that is turning me into what i do not know I hardly even have time for myself. Poverty would make you a monster for money. All you can think of is money. ( There would be another post coming up on the poverty mentality and financial independence).

Then the hatred for poverty came as a result of seeing people spend money during this summer like anyhow. Right now, i am on a journey of financial independence and cleansing my mind from the poverty mentality.
Let’s just say worry had the better part of me and I was caught up in Fear of missing out(FOMO), also comparing myself with others kept me down.
Thank God for light and the helper also good friends that spoke sense into me. Now I am still unsure about everything but i am going to live my best life make the mistakes i used to be scared of making. Learn, unlearn and relearn, Fear of taking risks and failing as put me in the ground for too long. I am ready to fail now. I am consciously now trying to leave my best life.
PS: There is going to be a lot of change going on with Lashey’s corner, new things would be coming up, keep your fingers crossed. We would try until we find what works. If you have any suggestion please put in the comment section or you can message me.

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