The corner is back!!!

Fear is a really bad thing that can enslave one and make one not enjoy the living process. Life is in stages, and like a rollercoaster, at some point it is very interesting and you feel like you want it to be like that forever. Then on the other hand, life shows you another side of the struggle and you’re almost like “but I was just enjoying life a while ago”.

This reality was what I was scared of while I was in the USA. I was very scared to the point that I was living in that fear for like a month and could not open up to enjoy the life there. I told one of my friends that it was like a facade and I didn’t want to get too comfortable. Thereby forgetting there is a reality waiting for me back in Nigeria.
It is always mixed feelings when I am going away from home. On one hand I am happy that I am going to create my own reality by myself, and on the other hand I am scared of getting too comfortable.

But you know what I have learnt this year is that life is just a rollercoaster, you can’t have it all smooth and if you are scared of life you won’t actually live that life instead you will just be feeding this fear.

I am back in Nigeria which is another rough rollercoaster ride, but you know what? I will survive this phase. This phase of trying to find my bearing in life and to decipher what path it is for me to take, especially as it regards career. This life, money needs to be made to afford the basic needs of life that a poor mind would consider luxurious.

Anyways this is just a welcome note from my corner- a little that has been on my mind lately. Subsequently I would be sharing my experience “in the abroad” and other side of things that would be of interest in this my little corner.

Lashey’s corner is back from the long break and again I am not sure what the plan is but we stay true to the process.
Did you miss me?
What do you look forward seeing on this space?
I would appreciate feedbacks

4 thoughts on “The corner is back!!!”

  1. Yayyyy. I am glad you’re back. It’s been a while, I will be checking on your blog for updates especially the ‘abroad story’.

    P. S. I love the new website look.
    A fan of lashey

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