Most profound things to note on this #endsars protest

Most profound things to note on this #endsars protest

For almost every event in this year 2020, it has been by surprise. As if the lockdown due to covid19 was not enough, just after Nigeria celebrated its 60th anniversary, our cup which had run over finally decided to spark. It was like a time bomb, a little trigger was all that was needed. First, it was the usual outrage, which then escalated to what we now have now. Staying home for close to 5 months gave us enough time for reflection and there were so many triggers. We were not even going to have it again. Our tired was already tired. Hence the endsars protest.  

The Good

  1. The slangs: ’Soro Soke werey’ meaning speak up mad person and ‘werey dey disguise’ meaning the mad person is disguising. These slangs are used when a person is being slow, not straightforward, timid and complacent. It could be used at any point. I Love the slang. Then ‘Buhari has been a bad boy’.
  2. Humanity in man: Man as social beings need each other to survive. The barest of humanity by protest has been shown during this protest. From certain individual taking up responsibilities that were unsolicited but regardless of still delivering well. The knowing that everything was very spontaneous, these people could have just ignored but they sacrifice their businesses just to support and join the cause. Beyond these, we see protesters looking out for one and other, returning lost items to the owners. The spirit of communalism is coming back to Africa, especially Nigeria. It is a communal protest, every one is involved. Shout out to the celebrities, feminist coven, the religious leaders that have spoken and to every Nigerian.
  3. The level of accountability: I saw the site and the level of transparency, I was shocked. I mean God bless these ones.
  4. The level of awareness: Gone are the days were the average  Nigerian was not interested in the current affairs of the society. Now, almost everyone is trying to be conscious and aware. There are also people trying to disseminate information to people that are not aware. Various websites and threads on Twitter educating the youth. The recent release of the earnings of our legislators and the police force even increased the rage in Nigerians.

    Endsars protest
    A protester lending her voice.
  5. International community involvement: Where the Nigerian Media has been corrupted, we had the international ones intervene and help in reporting the current happenings. Individuals that are not Nigerians have also supported the movement. Jack, the Owner of Twitter just recently recognized and supported the movement. 


Endsars protest

The Bad

  1. The Impunity: In a country where there is a leader, one would wonder how this level of impunity still exists. A leader that no longer have control over his men. I saw a video where these polices were shooting as if it was an action film, hiding behind cars to shoot peaceful protesters with no guns. While this is laughable, it is also preposterous. Who do these men answer to? The President and IGP announced its disbandment. Yet, they are still operating as usual. The whole body has no form of accountability.
  2. The international communities: The United Nations and the almost dysfunctional African Union are yet to say anything with regards to the matter. Yet one of the mottoes of the bodies is to promote international peace and securities. Even though they can’t intervene yet, a statement released by them would do. I have my reservations with the United Nations and African Union as they are sort of governed by their political intention. It is all paparazzi. (This is a talk for another day). 
  3. Uninterested politicians: Just a 2 minutes video from the president since the whole protest started. He is a bad boy. We have been for so long underrated which is why every one of them first tossed it down the carpet. Then started coming up with baseless points.

    Endsars protest
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  1. The reality is at some point we would need representatives. (My opinion though) Who are they? that we do not know as most of these people we see at the forefront are doing it not particularly for any gain or added responsibilities. Since most of their activities were spontaneous. Also, Nigeria politics is a very dirty game and through a series of our experiences, we have lost faith in anything anyone in government would say. Hence having a round table discussion or a closed-door meeting would not be with some doubt as to the authenticity of the whole scheme.  Another thing is that peradventure some people are selected as representatives, it would be very burdensome as people will expect a whole lot as well as try to tell them what to do. We would have to decide on this at some point.


The protest which started out as endsars protest as now slowly metamorphose into so many #end now. No one knows when it would end. Since we have seen a platform to air our minds, we are now bringing everything to the table.

Don’t seatback, be active. Be aware. Read about the different protest ongoing, the dynamics and much more. Most importantly, let us watch as events unfold since 2020 has been full of surprises. We don’t know what is next.

1 thought on “Most profound things to note on this #endsars protest”

  1. Love it! Bubu has really been a bad boy. The level of disregard and disrespect for the entire nation is a rude shock. One would expect that his inaction was due to a lack of request. How do we explain the fact that we have been requesting, speaking , and let’s not forget dying, still nothing worth anything from him. It’s sad.

    I really get your point on eventually needing representatives. However whoever they are, accountability and transparency are the only things that would work for them. An important question though, would they be compensated? Or are they to bear the grunts like some of our heroes past?

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