I had a really terrible supervisor!!!

Making a decision on my project topic was a difficult one but with the help of a friend recommended by my sister, I was able to get two project topics of which the faculty finally selected one. This one was a very rare and unconventional topic but I liked it.

I got a supervisor that everybody dreaded, that day. The ‘bad news’ was given to my amebo friend. I was so sad, I cried but with the comfort of Sarah and Dami, I just hoped for the best.

During the summer break, I would pray and confess positively about this guy, I just kept singing his name. Upon research for materials for my project work, I got work by one Eghosa who I searched for on Linkedin and reached out to him for materials to help with regards my work and he was very kind to have sent me over 40 materials.

Also, I found an article on my topic by lawyers. I reached out to the author too and she was of great assistance till the end of the project.


Till the end of the project, turned out my supervisor was a nice and emotional man but was a very stern and principled man. He actually brought me out of my shell, making me speak more often than I would have. He became my best lecturer not only that but the best experience in my final year.

My project was also was all shades of amazing, who knew there was anything called the Right to food. It might interest you to know that there is such a right like that. However doesn’t translate to the government providing food but ensuring things that would mediums to provide food are secure, simply put.

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