Ekiti girl hamericcaaa journey !!!

This is a very late post but i have to tell you the story from the beginning. So there is this work and travel program that is organised by the USA government for student all over the world to come to the US and work and also exchange cultures, basically learning from each other. there is this agent in Nigeria that does it for the Nigerian students during the summer since that is when we have our breaks. Basically, follow this link for more gist on that. https://exchanges.state.gov/non-us/program/j-1-visa-summer-work-travel-program

Anyways, so I wanted to go in my 400 level but there was no money plus i was not convincing enough with my parent as well at that time so i missed out. but some of my friends went and came back big, one got a number of things for me( shout out to the real MVP, Ayk, i love you).

I got more interested so i told my mum and aunt about it but i had to raise half of the registration fee myself so I don’t miss a slot. The plan was to go with three of my friends and so we got praying and taking decision based on the Holy Spirit’s directions. I was so excited that they were on the program because I was scared of living in a foreign place alone.  It was kinda sad when one out of the three of us got a job in a location different from the two of us but we were still fine and believing God for provision.

My friend and I got a job with some couple of other friends in New Hampshire we did the interview and it was fine. i had done research about the place and was already there in my mind. Until my friend said she couldn’t go again due to financial constraints, i still believed God for a miracle. Honestly, i was sad and questioning why things went that way. i was also worried about my friend and how she was dealing with such a disappointment but i never had the courage to ask because i was scared i would not have the right answers. ( please leave a comment if you have been in such situations with friends). I was also sad for her based on my selfish reasons; 1) because i had told her my fears of my allergies and of the unknown and she kept me assured that all would be well and she was my place of comfort; since she wouldn’t be going again, i was so sad about that.

I partially moved on from that reality, then another sad new came again that the New Hampshire place, a part got burnt so my agent gave me another job with lesser pay and the job offer was less pleasurable. I cried and was so bitter. I did all i could to change it but it was like it was God’s will and so i settled for it. Let’s skip, i got my visa at once and that was a huge testimony. So I had to shuttle between planning for graduation and traveling. But what is a plan with no money, i just had to manage with what i had.

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