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Staying positive in a negative environment.

For many, the school was their safe space. A place to get away from the realities that are playing in their home. So many world realities are being said every day and someone somewhere is wondering if the world is not paying attention to the ills that are not going well in her family; domestic violence, rationed feeding, or their source of income has been disrupted, no thanks to covid19. Reading the news, there are so many prophets of doom of how the world would inevitably enter recession due to the pandemic, like the stage we are in is not even bad enough already.

There are many people with issues that the world is not even speaking about then in addition to the many bad news that is flashed all around the internet.  The realities being rushed at one and the fact that the world is moving so fast and not at the pace you want it, it so annoying and draining. You most likely feel unmotivated to do things you would do. The world is on the internet now, everyone is trying to adapt.

Everyone has struggled to stay positive and certainly that has not been one easy journey, so far, as it requires a high level of control of one’s mind and awareness

How do you stay positive in a negative environment?
  1. Control your mind: Staying positive and disregarding the negative environment, you have to be aware of your thoughts and what influences it. Understand that you are in control, guard what goes into your mind as that is what you literally are. Hence why meditation should be your lifestyle, get away from everything (it may be in your toilet) just try to sieve out the things that make you unhappy and choose to be happy regardless. Understand also that your joy does not come from the external things but you are in control of your mood- it’s internal.
  2. Exercise Gratitude: The last part of my yoga practice is the most exciting for me, as it is a time of reflection and gratitude. It is nothing extraordinary, she says find gratitude in committing to your goals, intentions and this present moment. I love and look forward to this part. It is so refreshing for me and gives me that vibe that the day will go well.
  3. Exercise, eat, sleep.
  4. Have something to look forward to-: If nothing, I love to engage my mind with a lot of things I would have done if I had money. I learn new stuff about the kind of life I want and after these fantasies, there is this peace that I have that sooner or later I would be able to afford them. Sometimes the satisfaction of being creative with my imaginations satisfies me alone.  Also, I just think about how the struggles would make my autobiography interesting (I loved getting into trouble in secondary school because of this).
  5. Listen to Good music: I mean really good music, edifying song, spirit-lifting songs. songs that will brighten your mood. I do not know much about but I know that music has a way of passing positive energy into your spirit. If you doubt me, ask David.


You may be wondering how or why am I telling you this. To each his battle and burden to bear, the internet like the fanciful things most of the time. Hence why you never really see people side of struggle and nobody wants to be pitied. Like the faces you see on social media, learn to find positivity out of every of your struggle. Make meaning out of life. Understand the imbalance of life and learn to stay positive regardless of the side of life you fall.

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