Gender equality and international law

I’d like to take cry for gender equality  in relation to one of the concepts of international law. That is the theories by scholars on their view of the two legal orders which are: – the international law and the municipal law.

There is still an argument on which law is superior to the other.I’m sorry I would have to bore you with international law talk but this is the result of being taught by one who is very passionate about international law. Also the result you get when you try to skip a topic for exams and then you find it as the best option in your exam.

Anyways, the whole idea of gender quality is one which I would like to describe in the theory of dualism. The dualist theorist is of the opinion that the international law and the municipal law are two distinct legal orders, therefore one does not trump over the other. In other words, this whole idea of the two genders can be likened to the dualist view, which says that these two are two separate and distinct phenomena. I remember also the preaching of one pastor who pointed to the fact that the bible stated that God created MAN in his own image- male and female created He them. Hence one does not trump over the other.

Having said that, I would like to give my own two cents in this controversial matter. Having established that fact, rather than being a man of many words but cannot match up these words with appropriate actions. I believe in DOING rather than making speeches and banters. Hence much more than the rants on Instagram and other social media networks on how the society should be. How about we start influencing our society by our action.

This matter, like corruption, would not change if ‘we’ as a community don’t begin to affect the space where we are. We would just keep ranting and ranting with little or no change at all. It’s just like arguing with someone that does not consider what he is doing as wrong, you just be making a point without progressing at all. Watching the soap operas, music videos and the likes of messages we still pass across there are still traces of one gender being superior to the other and if this narrative does not change then the rants would just be endless.  These are the places that we learn and cultivate habits from why don’t we make sure children and youth are learning the current habits.

Therefore, rather than rant can we put into action to change the narrative of what we take in as information with our eyes and our ears? Programs and music videos school children and even adult watch, let it reflect our words. As such we are being much more effective than ranting everywhere as this gender inequality is one of the mind. 

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