“discover what people need then create a business around it”- exclusive with Wendy

Don’t create a product or Business and then look for customers….rather look for what people want and then create a business around it― Akin Alabi, founder Niarabet.

Wendy though just in the business world for four month was able to attend to the need of her customers. Read up my chat with her on how she decipher the need of the society and made a business of it. 

 Wendy, how is business going?
Business is going well by God’s grace.

Introduce your business

Well, I sell perfume oils at affordable prices. The perfume oils are designer perfume oils that last for as long as 14-24 hours.

How has the response been from your customers?
Well, I’ve had a lot of really polite customers but some are hard to please. I love the business life sha.


Did you face any fear initially starting out?
My only fear was that people won’t buy.
I started with slippers but nobody was buying so I started perfume oils and everybody is rushing it
What about the viability of your product?
I think it’s very viable because everyone wants to smell good and expensive at an affordable price. And I bring that to the table

 What was your inspiration?
I have always had the flair for doing business and being my own boss without actually knowing the particular line I would venture into. I didn’t exactly have a particular thing I wanted to sell but I just knew I liked the idea of buying and selling and convincing people to buy my things so started off something just before I graduate and get too occupied and start postponing everything. Coupled with the fact that I’m not really sure I want to practice law yet.
 How have been able to balance school work and the business?

I have a timetable for my school work so when I’m not doing my school work, I’m posting adverts about my work and replying customers.
I also have enough time to focus on my customers during the weekend because most of the job is on my phone and that’s easy to handle for me.
I just make sure I’m not losing on either end.
Who are your targeted customers?

Mostly students
Can you give a run through on your slippers business and what you think went wrong?
I think I didn’t consider my target market. Not all students can afford slippers at that price and I didn’t consider that.
 Do you see yourself surviving as an entrepreneur in the nearest future?
Yes, I do. I think I have learnt a lot in the space of one month and so I believe I will survive this 😊
 What informed your decision to later venture into perfumes
I love perfumes but then I don’t buy my perfumes myself(my dad gets them)because of the price. So when I figured that I could get these perfumes myself at a cheaper rate instead of waiting for my dad, I decided to share it with everyone😊 There’s no doubt that there are a lot of people that would want to get these really nice perfumes but get discouraged because of the price so I just made it easier.
And these are portable.
Are there time’s you want to give up or you feel it’s a wrong path
Not at all, I’m guessing it’s because I just started though
 Your long term plan
I don’t plan on selling just perfume oils or slippers.
There are other things I love a lot so I’d also add them to my store and I plan to take this bigger. It is not only going to be an Instagram store and with God, patience, and consistency, everything will work out.


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