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Ajibade Oluwatobi  is a photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. His specialty is in portraits, fashion, lifestyle and events. He has worked with brands and individuals in creating a portfolio for visual presentation.

What does photography mean to you?
Photography means a whole lot to my being, more like the only thing that keeps me sane literally.

Beyond the cameras, describe yourself in three words?
Selfless, honest and straightforward

What do you take into consideration for a perfect shoot?
Well there’s a lot but the majors would the idea , the subject and the mood before the shoot. This is what I consider personally.

With so many photographers now, how are you able to distinguish yourself?
Hmmm, my workflow .. how I create basically, as time goes it will become more defined
How do you define success?
Personally it’s knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best you’re capable of becoming.

Can you briefly explain your growth as a photographer, from when you started till now?
Sigh it’s been AMAZING actually, looking back at images I took when I started and what I create,there’s been immense progress and I’m thankful for the process

How would you describe your first job?
Lmao first paid shoot or the first time I created a portfolio? first time I got paid for a shoot,
I shot 6 outfits for 4,000naira under some terrible hot sun. at the time I was felt so happy.

What are the milestones in your profession?
So far there’s been some notable ones. the most recent one was having my first radio interview as a photographer.

Can you give a scenario when your work has been criticized?
There’s been a lot but one I can’t forget when I was just starting photography
was a random person who texted me and said I should ditch photography, that his mom could take better pictures.

What best motivates you?
Music, Family, my surroundings

Three apps you can’t do without?
Photoshop, Pinterest, I don’t have a third one lol

Greatest inspiration of all time?

What are the main principles you follow to build successful customer relations?
Learn to build relationships
Approach matters also

Your advice for anyone going into photography?
It’s an amazing career to push , once you begin. the “crappy” images are part of the process, consistency is key.


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