Dear fellow young entrepreneurs,

Hi guys. This is for young entrepreneurs who are struggling with doubts and fear of whether their businesses or brands would grow to be a success.

My advice to you all is to take a chill pill and stay true to yourself.   Be breakable, take to correction, and don’t feel you know it all by yourself. Learn to take the criticism the positive way. There is a popular saying that failure is just another lesson of how you shouldn’t use that method again. Never take a customer’s NO or criticism as the end of your career. Listen to your inner voice that is telling you keep on pushing through.

Another classical example is Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s fashion designer who I learnt is his very close friend and has been his tailor for a long time. He is good at what he does, which was why he was lauded for the different ways he put up Ebuka’sagbada. Never settle for mediocrity. Change the norm. You can be the standard. I tell you, there were probably 100 fashion designers with that idea but weren’t too sure whether or not to execute it because they were just not to bold to fail and rise up again.

You are your own cheerleader and motivator. Never let anyone look down on you. Don’t despise the day of little beginning; it is only a matter of time you will soon be celebrated.

trust the process

Also, don’t allow any one look down on whatever dream you desire to achieve, and be careful who you tell your dreams too (look at Joseph’s story) – you may not be as courageous as he was to pull through. Small minded people should not be among your inner circle of friends or those who you go to seek counsel from.

Don’t think being successful is an easy-pizzy job. You will have to sacrifice your sleep, your money, time, parties, and so many other things, which is why determination is key. Don’t settle in your comfort zone and wait for everything to become all rosy, try and do what ordinary people don’t do. Be the best yet.

Also, don’t get caught up in the comparison trap. The sky is big enough to accommodate just as many birds as you can imagine. We can all be great. Just brand yourself in a way that you can stand tall in the midst of just anything.

For those who still haven’t conceived their idea and are waiting for the right avenue, there is no right time to start what you have to start. If opportunities don’t come to you, create opportunities for yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and go and achieve all that you need to achieve in life. Don’t spend all your money on trying to get what is the latest, instead, invest so that your returns can last enough to buy you want is vogue at that time. Trends will always be there. This is the best time to invest.

Every CEO, when you eventually become a top-notch in your area of specification,don’t forget your day one, those who stood by you when you had nothing and were your every day cheerleaders. You know those friends that will cheer you even when the brows you drew for them were like go to hell, lol, or whenthey were always your models for everyphoto shoot that sometimes did not turn out well. In however way they might have been of help never forget them. If you follow glamorous people because you are in vogue at that point, they would soon unfollow you. It is a matter of time before another trend will be in vogue and they would follow. But your day one will always be there to cheer you up.

And for friends be your friend’s number one fan and supporter. Don’t use your mouth to pull anyone down.Correct with love, and don’t be too quick to judge.

Thank you.

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