ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

There are various ways to ensuring your goals for 2019 is achieved. Ranging from time management, cutting bad habits, networking, etc.
Quite often, we need people to achieve these set goals. Hence having an accountability partner can help you achieve such goals. Studies have shown that success is achieved when there are encouragements and constructive feedback. We don’t want to disappoint others, but we do not mind disappointing yourself. You are able to achieve your set goals because you know someone is counting on you and you do not want to disappoint them.

An accountability partner is one who helps another stay on track as regards a vision. This means that your ability and willingness to give account for your actions and motives to someone else.

Now, this connotes that it not imposed on you but rather you take a decision to allow some into your private space.

Things you should take note of:
1. Accountability partner must be relational: This is because you are giving the person room into your private space. Hence you would have to explain what you do and why I did it. Just being opened.
2. Personal responsibility:  Having an accountability partner does not relieve you of your personal responsibility.  It is not enough to have an accountability partner as it is not his job to change your life. You have to take responsibility for being committed to your goals.


3. Ensure you are not choosing your playmate: In choosing an accountability partner you have to find a trustworthy person. Someone who is disciplined.  Someone who can challenge your guts. Also, one who has time to invest in your goals. Be careful not to choose one that will condemn you. Be true to yourself. Don’t choose one that will take everything as a joke.


4. Multiple accountability partner: Your accountability partner may vary as it depends on your goal. For example; for your spiritual goal and academic goals, your AP could be different persons.


5. Set up a time to meet:  This is so as to take stock on your milestone achievement as it relates to your goals.
6. A symbiotic relationship: It can be a relationship based on give and take. As such you both would benefit from each other. That way you are not looking for a perfect person but one that is hungry for success just as much as you are.


Do you want to achieve all your set goals for 2019? I would highly recommend you getting an accountability partner.

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