You are using the wrong medium!!!!

A medium can be a platform to which something is done. 

There are different mediums for different things and it is very important that you understand what medium you should use in order to be effective in your career path. It would be very hazardous where you use a medium that would cause you not to grow in your chosen field. Also, where you are using the wrong medium, you would use a wrong yardstick to measure success and your definition of success will be very wrong.

Let me give you a practical example if I still haven’t gotten an edge around what I am discussing today. Instagram is a platform for posting great pictures, comedy skits and things people can easily get the message and move on to either like or comment. So if you are not a great photographer or creative thinker Instagram might not be for you. Or better still, it shouldn’t be the yard stick in which you would measure whether you are successful or not. Hence if you are not into fashion, make up, graphics photography or business (in some cases) and the likes, then Instagram shouldn’t be your first, it should just be an aside for you.

LinkedIn is another social media site that if you leverage on well you would go very far in your chosen path especially for the professional courses. You have a LinkedIn account and start posting slaying pictures and expect your network to grow. For the most part, it is a platform where “intelligent minds” discuss on pending issues and career people use it to market themselves as viable for certain positions.

As a person you need to understand what medium works best for you. Let me give you another practical example: the medium of a fish is in the ocean while that of a monkey is on trees. Let’s assume they swap positions and then fish will think he is not successful because the medium where he is, is not a place where its ability can be measured greatly, same goes for the monkey in the ocean.

Many of us have beaten ourselves too hard by using the wrong yard stick to measure what we would define as success.

Way forward: sit down, re-evaluate yourself, understand your medium and then know what yardstick to measure yourself. Don’t get yourself overworked up when things are not going right for you.  Business people, fashion enthusiast, and others, Instagram would be the best place for you to grow.

Professionals like lawyers, accountants, writers, students seeking for internship etc. linkedin is a very good medium for you. Are you a proficient writer and you don’t want the stress of opening a blog, then medium (an app) would be the best platform for you.

Bobrisky understands what the crowd on ig want and that why he gets that kind of attention. Imagine him using LinkedIn or twitter, he wouldn’t have “blown” the way he has now.

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