Throwback to 2018; important life lessons learnt

Here are a few lessons from 2018, which I would recommend for this year too. It is not conclusive, it is subject to your own perspective, however here are mine:

  • Appreciate people every point you find yourself: You just might not know when next you will see such person why not just do it now. I realized we take the ones really close to us for granted and we give too much of insult rather than praises. Hence towards the end of the year, I made a conscious effort to make a random shout out to my friends just to show that they are special. Gifts too won’t be a bad idea.
  • Take a leap of faith and Do it afraid: I started this blog not knowing how it would be formed. I did not even have funds but I was surrounded by positive friends. Plus I knew I had to just do it scared however whatever. I am still not very sure of how it will turn out but like I would always say clarity comes just by engaging. You just need to start.
  • You are in control of your happiness: I got this understanding while I read the book change your thinking, change your life. Also, ‘subtle art of not giving a fuck’. prior to last year, I used to be sad because I thought the life that would bring me happiness wasn’t here. Also, I hated the way I allowed circumstances control who I am. God had given me a word one time in Nehemiah which I translate to mean my joy does not come from anything around me but comes from within and its the joy in the Holy Ghost.
  • Never follow the crowd you’d get lost: this one even ‘grown-ups’ are guilty of this. many times we are confused about our goal and purpose in life and as such we just go in the direction of the wind, which most times may not be the right one. While going everywhere may be good for sometimes staying in a confused state for long may cause so many harms, therefore instead of going with the crowd, find your own direction and be committed to it.
  • Read books it widens your horizon: books allow you to be able to speak among the crowd and give you leverage over so many things. You are able to talk intelligently in areas of networking and even on dates. Also, like the bible say my people perish due to lack of knowledge. The enemy can only prey on your ignorance.
  • Engage in intelligent conversation: Don’t just roll with people that the only thing you talk about is teasing yourself, joking, gossiping and other irrelevant things. It is important at this stage to engage in conversations that would help you grown. One day your group of friends can talk about your goals, business and other stuff like that
    Spend time with yourself: most times we spend time with people and we end up knowing just little about ourselves. Truth is people will come and go, you’d get hurt when all these happen can you stay on your own without feeling depressed and all. Do you know the thing you like? Once in a while spoil yourself silly. Books and work aside.
  • Network with important and necessary people: it very important to grow your network, they are what we call ropes and ladder. You never can tell when that contact might be of help to you.
  • Don’t stress too much. Chop life, never allow life chop you: while it is very necessary to be up about making it in life. When you go through disappointment, don’t wallow in self-pity, enjoy each moment, don’t get bitter about life. It is just this one life.

    photo by OG photography
  • Define your own success don’t measure it to what society thinks it is: when you meet your deadline and milestone congratulate yourself
  • Silence sometimes is the best defense. I think if you ponder on these you’d understand.
  • You can deceive everybody but deceiving yourself is death: deceiving yourself as to your capacity is dead on arrival. Accept your fault or inadequacy, learn and move on. There are somethings packaging cant work for.
  • Entering into God’s rest is blissful: most times we worry too much of things beyond our control and we think of ways to fix them. It is important to note that there are so many things you on your own cant do you need the help of God plus entering into His rest will keep you from worrying. Do your part and be still and know he is God.


That’s about it. do well to share your own lessons. Let’s do a throwback to 2018 and pick few lessons for a great 2019.

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