How to achieve your goals for 2019.

Many times we flow with the tradition of writing our new year’s resolution or outlined plan. We do this without really following through the plan.
A popular adage by the father of time management goes thus; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. (Very familiar with that right?)
Also Habakkuk 2; 2 explains the importance of stating and writing our visions down. For two years now I have cultivated the habit of writing my vision for the year down, even though I don’t achieve them all, I have a pass mark of 50% when reviewing it. So clearly I know the importance of writing down and reviewing as the year goes by.
I would take you through certain steps to having a productive year:

  • Write your visions down, clear in black and white: one important thing about writing your vision for the year down is that it somehow create an image of what you want and would work with. Also, it doesn’t just stop at writing, you have to make sure your goals are realistic ones and not just vague.
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  • Create visual images of your vision: there is something about seeing. It motivates you for something greater. For some people, this has worked for them when they put commitment into it as well. For example, where one is trying to lose weight, putting a visual image of the size he would want to be later on.

  • Find an accountability partner: some of us cannot by ourselves be disciplined on some certain thing which is not bad. What it just means is that you need someone to make you do these things. Again don’t deceive yourself here. Be sure you are choosing one that is hungry for success as you are.
  • Do it afraid: do you have a project you’ve been procrastinating because you are scared it won’t work out or you are not just sure about the delivery. In this New Year do it afraid, your plans don’t need to be fully formed. The result of doing it afraid in 2018 is this blog.
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  • Surround yourself with those that are ready to see you succeed: if you stay around with a bunch of lazy people, you might end up like them except your inner motivation is stronger than the outside resistance. However to be on the save side, get rid of every toxic and poisonous relationship that would be detrimental to your success.
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  • Read books: many youths don’t read again, however, we cannot overlook the importance of information and knowledge. You don’t need to read about 100 books, start small and make sure you don’t just read but rather let the knowledge you gain reflect in your life.
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  • Flee away from your comfort zone: people say step out but I say flee. Run as far as your legs can carry you.
  • Be productive, not busy: so because I say flee does not mean you just involve yourself in everything both the one that is not producing too. Evaluate each day so as to be productive and not just busy. Find the pattern that works best for you.

  • Involve God into the year: don’t neglect the place of God. Except God builds them that labor would labor in vain.

There are still other things to consider in achieving your goals as the list is inexhaustive. You should find what works best for you and feel free to share at the comment section.

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  1. 👏🏾👏🏾
    Flee from your comfort zone got me the most! And writing visions down.. I’m recently learning that one.

    Please do a post on why money disappears😭 One minute, you have enough money, the next you can’t tell where it all went.

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