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Sitting Gracefully And Elegantly



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A lady who sits gracefully is one with poise and finesse. Manners in which a lady should sit should not go out of date and be considered traditional. Personally there is this aura of confidence that comes with sitting gracefully. It makes you look elegant. It may be considered prim and proper but I feel it is still the real thing that should be cultivated right from nursery. Read More

Public Eating Etiquette

If you are like me that loves food and can eat just anywhere as long as food is available then this post is for you. As you want to ensure that you have the right manner of eating especially in the public, so as not to embarrass yourself or give yourself a bad name.

Here are few ways in which you can eat in the public and still be decent.

1. Avoid eating in the public environment especially consuming smelly food in a confined environment as it is inconsiderate and can be offensive to fellow passenger or people around. If you must eat then you need to choose one that is no pungent. Read More