Sitting Gracefully And Elegantly



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A lady who sits gracefully is one with poise and finesse. Manners in which a lady should sit should not go out of date and be considered traditional. Personally there is this aura of confidence that comes with sitting gracefully. It makes you look elegant. It may be considered prim and proper but I feel it is still the real thing that should be cultivated right from nursery.

I have seen so many young ladies and even the older ones abuse the normal way to sit thereby giving us a view that not many of us are comfortable with. Some major excuses are: I’m used to wearing trousers and so when I wear skirt I tend to forget myself’. This is one statement I have heard a lot of girls that I have told to close their laps say.

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However no excuse is substantial enough for not doing the right thing.  Here are few lessons you should learn about sitting as a lady:

  1. You must be conscious of the fact that you are in a public.
  2. Understand the kind of clothes and environment in which you are in. What do I mean by that? Crossing your legs might not be necessary where what you are putting on is short. In this case, you should rather cross your legs at your ankle or you get a scarf that you can use in covering your legs while you are sitting down.
  3. Normal seating way is heads up, shoulders high, lengthen your spine, and sit tall.
  4. Avoid slouching.
  5. Place your hands together on your lap.
  6. Trousers are not license for you to sit anyhow. i.e. I have entered public transports where both the guys and girls seat with their legs wide open, thereby not giving room to the next passenger to seat properly
  7. When one person crosses the leg to one direction, follow the same direction if you are seating on the same line. This is so as not to hit each other while seating and to form uniformity.
  8. Practice on how to sit every time you remember, make conscious effort to seat like a Queen that you are.
  9. Don’t wait till you get outside before you tutor yourself on how to seat. Start from when you visit a friend, in the church, in the bus, in your room or living room, anywhere. Don’t get too comfortable.
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