Happy New Year from Lashey's corner

Happy new year from Lashey’s corner

Happy new year- Lashey’s corner

  Happy new year 
Yeah!  This is my first post this year.

What have I been up to?
A few days to the end of the year and even into the new year, there was all indication in the place of prayer that God was calling me to start the year in consecration. Without necessarily having a new year’s resolution except for the words I heard from God during that period, I decided to go for it.
 I spent the first month of the year retrospectively.  As much as I wanted to be alone like Jesus in Gethsemane, I couldn’t. I made do with the withdrawals available to me. So, I was off Netflix as well as posting on Whatsapp, Instagram. I used WhatsApp for work and Youtube for prayers, they were necessary ‘evils’ at the time. Communication was limited as much I could. 
I fasted and prayed for most of the month. It was a period of concentration. I would be making a lot of decisions this year and it was important that I am in alignment with God’s will for my life.


My Birthday

Happy new year from Lashey’s corner
My birthday is the most favourite part of the year for me every time. Since 16, I have made sure to wear new clothes and have a birthday cake. This year, as it was with other days of January, there was a deep sense of consecration for that day. I focused more on spiritual preparation than the physical ephemeral. My friend had asked what I would be doing that day. Since it was Sunday, I said, it will just be me wearing new clothes, saying thank you and amen and smiling still my cheekbones hurt. It really can be the little things for me. My sister said adulting had caught up with me hence little to no noise about the day. In all I absolutely enjoyed the quietness the day brought for me. I appreciate the gifts and prayers. I love y’all.
PS. I am still accepting gifts till the end of the year. T for thanks.
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Just because the back is gorgeous😍😍

Lashey’s corner in retrospect.

Last year, I realised this platform has more capacity than I am currently utilizing it for. To leverage on this, I committed myself to taking courses that would improve my writing and storytelling techniques. I took a few free courses on Udemy. Still taking some other paid courses that were discounted in the new year. 
A while after taking my first batch of courses, I was very enthusiastic about the new phase of my writing. I was reading to practice as much as I can to carve a niche for myself. 
I was in this gloomy mood that felt perfect to write a -straight from the heart kind of post, I decided to take pen to paper and write how I felt that moment- pieces like these are the most real and amazing. But just as I began typing, my fingers were trembling. I felt less confident in myself and in my ability. I never qualified myself as a writer even after circa four years of blogging.  I felt intimidated by the number of information I had processed and the need to tick all the boxes at once. 

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All the instances I have failed came to me like a flash. My confidence can be fluctuating at times. Sometimes I believe so strongly in myself that I have something to offer but other times I feel like it is better I do not do anything so that I do not appear as stupid as I already think I am. 

I read some of my writings and I am amazed at how I could relay my thoughts in such a captivating manner. After a while of hyping myself I then just think – it is all up in my head. I am not really as amazing as I think I am. I truly enjoy blogging, to be honest.  With my kind of person, I don’t start something and do not follow through with the process. It is the same with blogging. I do not want to give up abruptly without trying harder. I enjoy writing even though it doesn’t come to me willfully. I have to encourage myself.  I made some mistakes starting but I am currently on a journey to correct them. I can write what people would be interested in. I can write engaging content.  I have a few worries. Like: is my story worth sharing?  Who really cares about my opinion?  What am I really doing? 

Lashey’s Corner 2022

I was working on the layout of my blog when I realised that I have been on this blogging thing for about 5 years now. It feels long and short. This fifth year is a remarkable year and I hope it is the karios moment for my blog. In order to move onward and forward this coming year, I have done a questionnaire to help me focus on what is necessary for this blog to grow. Please do fill out this questionnaire with utmost sincerity.  There are some contents I had in my draft for the longest but I will still share because I think they are worth sharing.    To improve on my service in general, I decided to survey the mind of my readers to help me in planning content or modifying them this new year. 

Please fill https://forms.gle/bHpeMVmMKP7fZFjeA


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  1. I am stirred to actually be better, just reading this. The part about where you don’t leave things when you start really hit home. I can’t count the number of things I started and just left mid way cause I lost the vibe or felt discouraged. It’s the reason I don’t start things as much, a part of me just feels like I’d lose the vibe and just forget about it. Thank you for sharing ❤

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