Benefit of meditation

Five benefits of meditation


In this period where we have a lot of people dealing with a whole lot of emotional turmoil and there is a serious war in our emotions. A lot have learnt to live with it or heal from it. Emotions come to play a lot in human life and it is totally normal. Some days you are very happy, other days you are just extremely sad. Then as a student, there are days you are just confused as to school, career and what the future holds, all these thoughts come with their different emotions. Then there are the others that you think are exclusive to you. It could be a loss of a dear one, trying to figure out life, heartbreak, and so on.

In all of these, I have learnt about the benefits of meditation. Yes, there are these emotions. Truly, some of the time they hinder you of completing things. Similarly, they impede you of having the option to relate with others or even with yourself. Meditation is one thing I have learnt to do during this lockdown.

For most of us, we go about thinking of so many things apart from our mental health. One of the things this age have done for us is making us think we have underachieved. We thereby try to put a lot of work and burden on ourselves trying to meet up with the deadlines that we set in our heads.


What is meditation?

Taking a pause from the race that we somewhat fixed ourselves in, no thanks to life, consciously being aware of ourself and shutting out the environment totally and all the happening. That is what meditation is, being aware of your thoughts, Being actually present in your mind. Meditation is a form of relaxation.

Meditation makes you aware that your inner attitude is the only thing that determines your happiness.

In addition, it is fragile art of sitting idle and relinquishing all the endeavours to unwind into your actual nature which is love, bliss and harmony. You know how we get so busy and we dont have time for ourselves.

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Benefits of meditation

  1. It helps concentration.
  2. In like manner, you increasingly become self-aware.
  3. Also, It helps you be in control of your emotions: If anything I hate when people or things determine how I feel. I like to be in control of my emotions.
  4. Gives you Clarity and gives you peace of mind.
  5. It helps you filter the many thoughts going on in your head at once. Hence you are able to plan better and be more productive with yourself.


How to practice meditation

  1. Get into a comfortable space free from noise and distraction. It could be in your office or at home.
  2. Put aside every form of distraction such as your phone and other things.
  3. For starters, set a timer for 5 minutes and close your eyes.
  4. Focus on your breathing. Let your breathing anchor the mind and maintain awareness. Focusing on the rise and fall of your chest and return to the breath whenever your mind wanders off. Your mind is going to wander off which is absolutely fine but ensure to come back to being conscious of your breathing. With practices, you’d get better.
  5. Repeat this process every day and watch yourself improve. Getting happier and getting things done in a better manner.


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