My 2020 in summary

A review of 2020

This was supposed to come earlier, however, here we are. This year I was in very high spirit starting this year but it is what it is.

How are you? I have missed writing and I hope to do better this year. (fingers crossed)

Did you make some new year resolutions? If you did, how has the ride been so far?  Are you still committed to your resolutions?

If you’ve failed, hop on your journey back!! The trick is in the systems you create.

My 2020 in summary

I started my last year with the book ‘Atomic Habit’ by James Clear. I think reading this book gave me some sort of clarity. As such, I did not start the year with any resolution or some sort. Instead, I had a vision board for myself. I was also committed to making to being intentional about my everyday life.

I have always done a new year’s resolution since 2016, I guess. Then at the end of each year, I score myself using percentages. Last year, I wanted to be a bit flexible since I thought I’d be in law school all through and considering it was a system I wasn’t aware of, I planned on just going with the flow. However, creating a system that could fit into the Nigerian Law school regardless. Safe to say, my vision board did not see the end of the first quarter.

  • My savings plan was altered because we were on lockdown which translates to no pocket money. I took a saving plan from Twitter, I was faithful for the first quarter of the year. The fruit of which I spent this Christmas.
  • This inadvertently affected my vacation plans with friends. No money, also there was the pandemic.
  • I planned on starting a YouTube channel if I was consistent with my blog. I failed at being consistent with my blog. No genuine reason but I had invested so much time studying for my bar finals, that did not happen. Hence I failed at starting a blog that too.
  • Thought I’d complete law school by the end of the year but that’s on hold till God knows when
  • With regards to spirituality, I was like the church of Laodicea, hot on some occasion, cold on the others. Thankfully towards the end of the year, there was an encounter.

My wins

At some point, during the lockdown, I had to re-strategize on how to be productive during the lockdown.

  • Due to my failing ICSAN exams 2019, I allowed the fear and so I studied judiciously for ‘bar finals’. I completed the syllabus twice. (lol) I can’t remember most of it again. I committed myself to read everyday and rewarding myself with ice cream and sugary things.
  • I cultivated a reading culture. For the first time, I completed a course on Coursera. Something of actual interest. I stuck to a routine. Faithful to my Duolingo, elevate games and reading.
  • Took baby steps in pursuing a career in finance. Read books, articles, YouTube videos. Took in a lot of content on that.
  • I discovered yoga, meditation, mindful practice. It helped a lot during the lockdown. One of the things I was consistent with.
  • Read books.
  • As for spirituality was off and on. Sometimes Bible study was genuine other times it was just to get streaks on my Bible app. Then prayer time was like the chore I disliked. I could go days without anything. Towards the end of the year, I realized I had not fasted. I made amendments sha. My journal has several used pages I am quite surprised though.
  • 2020 also reiterated to me the importance of family. It was the year I had spent the most with them. There was friction here and there but I survived and I am maybe better. Also with friends, I had to register it to my subconscious to reach out from time to time.

Generally, I wasn’t that bad. Lashey did well.

For 2021, no resolution yet. Or I already failed on the one important task, which is posting consistently.

However, I have a mantra for 2021, Discipline, Sacrifice and consistency.

Kindly share your thoughts about this post!